FREQUENCY uses guided meditation, breath work, movement, singing and partner exercises, coupled with light, art and sound therapy, to aid in repatterning old thought patterns and behaviors, using the principles of neuroplasticity. Each technique and methodology is used to help participants access a more embodied, calmer and connected state of being -- letting go of the anxiety and stress of modern life. These artistic traditions provide pathways to a grounding connectivity with ourselves, each other, and the planet, all through captivating inquiries into what it means to us to be alive.



This class is meant to remind us what it is to be human. The voice of Dr. Megan Poe, NYU’s Professor of Love, will lead the group through a series of short but potent group interactions and meditations. Magical encounters with yourself and others will unfold in this unique experience where you are reminded of your true essence and what it means to truly see others and be seen by them. This class is great as a first visit to Frequency and can be revisited time and time again. People repeatedly say that this class changed their life by teaching them how to meet people in a radically new way.

Hosted and Facilitated by Frequency Teaching Staff

Narrated by Dr. Megan Poe, MD

Visuals by Can Büyükberber

Benefits: A deep sense of connection and presence with others which works to combat depression and loneliness of modern life.

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Shake off stress, anxiety and depression with this class that uses vibration, breathwork, screaming, movement and sound to active our body’s ability to tune into higher frequencies. Bhajan’s intention is to create the conditions for his students to open to a full release. His methods are based on rich intuition and a deep reservoir of knowledge gained through a lifetime of studies that have taken him all over the world. Expect some active practices like Kundalini, Tantra, Pranayama, Celestial Dance and Mantra. At the end of each class you’ll be guided to lay down to receive a deep immersion into divine sound portals through Live Gong, Shamanic and eastern ritual instruments and bio-sonic therapeutic healing forks. This class is for anyone seeking a safe container for deep exploration and healing of the self.

Facilitation and sound by Bhajan Akal Singh

Visuals by Can Büyükberber

Benefits: Stress and anxiety reduction, better sleep, deep healing



With the support of sound, visuals and the voice of Lisa De Narvaez you will be led through her powerful and intense trailblazing Blisspoint breathwork method. The intention behind the practice is to explore subconscious states of being consciously, develop the capacity to be present, and become aware of limiting beliefs and shift them. Tapping into this deep well of wisdom, beyond that of our limited minds, is game changing. Largely this class is experienced lying down, but maintains itself as a deeply felt physical experience.

Hosted and Facilitated by Frequency Teaching Staff

Narrated by Lisa de Narvaez

Visuals by Can Büyükberber

Benefits: Releases and moves blocked and stagnant energy in the body, which offers a mental, emotional and physical reset that is deeply healing.

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The women of Beautiful Chorus guide us through a singing experience that is deeply restorative, inspiring, healing and creative. Their gorgeous voices envelope you in the safe and sacred space of the dome to bring you in touch with your higher self. You don’t need to be a singer to take this class and get the benefits. You’ll be singing in the dark, lying on your back, with visuals flying above you, so don’t worry, no one can tell which voice is which! This class is for everyone to express their authentic selves through an incredibly uplifting experience that will leave you skipping down the street on your way home. An immediate way to up-level your frequency and embrace a greater connection to the quantum energy field.

Hosted and Facilitated by Frequency Teaching Staff

Visuals by Daniela Echevarria

Benefits: A deep sense of connection and love with one’s self, with others and with the planet and cosmos.



Vocal toning is a practice of tuning one’s instrument. Through the self-propagation of vibration, participants will be empowered to utilize our birthright as humans; our voice. After contextualizing the practice through the lens of Western science, we’ll dive into an application of the voice as a tool to recalibrate our energy field. This practice is not specific to any lineage and is accessible for all. Expect to be lying on your back, toning each of your 7 chakras while the visuals take you on a journey into your higher consciousness. Vocal toning heals and balances the chakras, or the energy centers in our body, which help us stay in equilibrium. Chakra healing techniques bring the energy body into balance for greater mental, emotional and physical health.

Hosted and Facilitated by Emily Sause

Visuals by Brian Bowman

Benefits: Vocal Toning stimulates the Vegus nerve, which increases vegal tone. An increased vegal tone helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression, gut problems and inflammation.



Erika Laila Whitney will be our Navigational Scout throughout this ceremonial cacao, meditational journey and ritual experience set to expand the heart-mind-body connection, via Resonance and Vibratory Stacking. All journeys take us from the Heart of the Earth to the Heart of the Sky, utilizing our own heart as the internal compass. Each month will have a different theme “destination” and Soul/Self Path we travel on/in/through which will be connected to a Galactic Portal/ Planetary Wavespell and Astrological Signature/Frequency. We always find our way Home back to Self (core) while receiving higher frequencies and amplified awarenesses that we pick up along the way. This practice allows the opportunity of receiving multidimensional insights and expansion. Transform and Shine your Lightbodies by co-creating a collective cosmic campfire while sharing ceremonial grade cacao, and weaving our vows/intentions into Gaia’s galactic Grid.

Hosted and Facilitated by Erika Laila Whitney

Visuals by Brian Bowman

Benefits: Awaken and Integrate high vibrational consciousness and its creative potential.

Frequency is one of those companies right on the cutting edge of the human potential movement. At lululemon, we’re tremendously excited to be collaborating with Frequency.
— Jordan Goldfarb (Director of Lululemon's Whitespace Explorations & New Concept Strategy team)

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