The Frequency dome is inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller, the architect and futurist who invented the geodesic dome. The geodesic dome represented freedom, and it is in this space of transformation that the Frequency experience unfolds.

If you are curious to get a sneak peek into the dome, here are two videos. Ultimately, neither does justice to the experience itself, so we hope you will come visit us in person.

The first video is from the pop-up we did in partnership with Lululemon at SXSW. The second video is from FREQUENCY’s first permanent dome is located in Chelsea, NYC. We have experiences in the dome designed for individuals, company team offsites, and private events.

Our Recent Clients Include:

“Frequency is one of those companies right on the cutting edge of the human potential movement. At lululemon, we’re tremendously excited to be collaborating with Frequency.”
— Jordan Goldfarb (Director of Lululemon's Whitespace Explorations & New Concept Strategy team)