A new consciousness. a new you.


Frequency creates a magical space to connect with yourself and others to explore what it is to be alive, to awaken, to transform, and to remind ourselves of our own essence. Each multidimensional experience allows us to practice different notes of our human nature: courage, wonder, connection, love, vulnerability, joy, stillness, self value, creativity. Frequency’s 360 immersive experiences weave together the visual arts with the healing arts, along with sound, neuroscience, and music, to create an embodied spherical curriculum for the spirit.



We continue to add new classes. Below are some of our classes in rotation.


Magical encounters with yourself and others unfold in this interactive experiential practice where you are reminded of your true essence and what it means to really to both be seen and see others. This practice was created by Dr. Meg Poe, M.D. Meg is a psychiatrist and interpersonal psychoanalyst. She received her BA from Yale University, where she majored in English and first articulated her lifelong professional question: How do we each live, love, and work well? As a medical student she was awarded AOA, and completed her psychiatry residency training at Harvard University/Cambridge Health Alliance. She then did a fellowship in Public Psychiatry at Columbia University and is trained in psychoanalysis by the William Alanson White Institute. She is trained in Kundalini Yoga and sound therapy and practices daily meditation.


Blisspoint by Lisa De Narvaez. A unique Breathwork session inside FREQUENCY's healing planetarium. This immersive journey combines the power of breath, sound, and visual art. Based on the BLISSPOINT method developed and taught by acclaimed teacher Lisa De Narvaez. Lisa is a spiritual technologist committed to the evolution of human consciousness. she has facilitated the awakening and transformation of lives of thousands of humans from all walks of life. Her trailblazing methodology have made her a crowd favorite among prestigious organizations around the world. 


Gong Sacred Sonic attunement is a deep immersion into divine sound portals of transformation and healing. Our ceremonies draw upon some of the worlds most powerful mystical traditions; with ancient ritual instruments from Tibet, India, Egypt, Native American, and the Caribbean to name a few. This powerful attunement will feature elements of Kundalini Yoga, Celestial Dance, Himalayan Pranayam, Tibetan Sacred Seed Sounds. We will awaken the body to a devotional Sadhana. Bhajan Akal Singh is registered with Yoga Alliance as Kundalini / Tantra Yoga Instructor, is a Certified GongMaster / Sound Healer and member of the Taino Indian Community in New York City.


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