photograph of Jazmin Hicks

Jazmin Hicks


I worked in state-level politics for over ten years advocating for stronger social safety net programs in California. The current systems of support for people are lacking in so many ways and I truly believe that caring for the whole person is the healing we all need right now. While working in public policy was very rewarding, it was also an environment that was not conducive to my mental health.

I was first exposed to breathwork while searching for alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines to relieve my own anxiety and depression. I started holding space for others to experience this practice in May 2020, around the time of George Floyd’s murder. Working primarily with nonprofits that serve people of the global majority, I felt so much community and love amidst a world that was so hostile for people who look like me. Holding this space for us to take up space and breathe is one of my greatest honors, and I have seen this as an act of defiance in a world that wanted us to stop breathing.

Functional movement has always been an outlet for me, which I found in sports as a youth, and now through the practice of yoga. For years, I “did yoga”, but it wasn’t until I really started to understand the philosophy behind yoga that I truly fell in love with it as a spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional practice. For me, yoga is no longer just a physical practice, but also a way of living - a way of thinking and seeing the world. Knowing that I deserve rest and ritualizing taking care of myself have come from yoga, and for that I am so grateful.

In my own moments of darkness, taking time for functional movement, self reflection, and breathwork have greatly improved my health and wellness. But so much more than that - these practices have evolved my understanding of what personal and collective liberation look like. I look forward to holding space for you to experience these healing modalities.

I am a certified breathwork facilitator, and received my certification from David Elliott. I currently hold two, 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher certifications and am registered with Yoga Alliance. I am currently in the process of completing certifications in Yoga Nidra and Kundalini Yoga.