photograph of Ria Ray

Ria Ray

Ria Ray is an artist, creator, and spiritual teacher.


Ria Ray is a healer/artist and teacher who was profoundly changed at an early age when tragedy took the lives of her immediate family. Through healing herself her own process of healing emerged, and she saw that she could harness the power of what she went through, and if she could heal herself, she could help others heal themselves. Her power to teach stemmed from this life altering early experience and gave her firsthand knowledge of the many stages and steps it takes to be a whole person. She has mastered these steps so she can help you connect to your most powerful self now and always. Her process continues today, and it has given her a great gift to be able to share with others. In her daily life, Ria believes that creativity is the way into sustaining your truest self. She shares this concept through her healing workshops, retreats, paintings and sound art. Ria’s work is centered in the alchemy of the breath, the power of the soul and the beauty of self-love to heal and transform. Her work is a doorway into the unknown, guiding you through your inner terrain gently revealing you to your authentic sacred self.