photograph of Samantha Story

Samantha Story

Samantha Story is a Breathwork Facilitator. She is honored to walk with you on your path. She will guide you, as an ally, through the energetic portal so that your healing can take place physically, mentally and emotionally.


Healing isn’t done to you, it’s a co-creation. My passion in my practice is to help others walk a path of transformation in their lives, to open doors to hope and wellness, to live deeply and richly while we are here and to find joy and laughter in the process.

In Taoism the practice of alchemy is to turn the spirit to gold, my intention in working with you is to hold a space that potentiates the transformation of your greatest wounds into your greatest assets, your deepest fears into your strongest allies and which allows you to recognize the value in all the parts of yourself.

The first time I received acupuncture I felt like I had found a language I already knew, but had forgotten. Acupuncture is an invitation within, an integration of body, mind and spirit. Initially I had sought treatment for physical reasons, but I was amazed at the effect it had on my emotional state. I wanted to learn more and found the teacher I was looking for in Master Acupuncturist and Taoist priest Jeffrey Yuen. My studies in Chinese Medicine have colored the lens through which I view the world, that we are intrinsically connected to this earth and to each other, that you treat the person not the illness and that all diseases are rooted in the spirit.

My continued journey for personal growth led me to Breathwork. I have never experienced a healing modality that works so directly and effectively. In my first session I was able to access and release old wounds I thought I had worked through, but that were still dictating parts of my life. Breathwork has transformed how I feel and show up in the world and I’m so excited to now be sharing this healing modality. It's been exciting to witness how beneficial Breathwork has been for my clients, I love hearing reports back of creative breakthroughs, the support it has given in the healing of trauma and grief and how empowered they feel.  If you are feeling stuck in any part of your life I invite you to try this technique.  Space is held, through the breath, for surrendering outdated narratives, moving past the limiting effects of fears, and connecting to inner strength, greater embodiment, intuition and creativity.