photograph of Sonia Brill

Sonia Brill

Sonia Bril is an entrepreneur, therapist, Chopra certified Primordial Sound Meditation and Ayurveda Instructor, Total Wellbeing Coach and trained pranayama breathing facilitator. By integrating Primordial Sound Meditation, breathwork, and yoga philosophy, she was finally able to heal from heartbreak. She went on to empower others to release unhealthy patterns, regulate negative emotions, and create a more aligned, abundant life. Sonia is deeply committed to democratizing health and healing.


Sonia Brill is a healer, manifestor, and empath who blends two decades of psychotherapy experience with spiritual psychology to help democratize health and healing.  As a child, she was raised with eastern spirituality and mysticism in India, Sonia brings her warm personality and smile to her pranayama breathing classes (Sanskrit—prana means life force and yama means to extend) to energize the body, awaken the mind, and expand consciousness. Through a series of simple breathing practices to usher a deeply restful state, people release negative habits and patterns of behavior and naturally begin to access their essential nature. She has trained with visionaries such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Vamadeva Shastri (David Frawley), and Dr. Sheila Patel at Chopra Global and is a contributing writer and a certified as an instructor of meditation and Ayurveda and Total Wellbeing Coach. She is a pranayama breathing practice facilitator.  Sonia received her master’s degree from New York University and has a private practice in New York City.